Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Transition Program update!

We just entered our 6th year of the transition program!  We are really excited as a few of our first students to go through the program are either finishing big programs or are already working!
God began laying this area of need on our hearts in 2009 after hearing from several young adults trying to work their way through young adulthood, post-high school and into independence.  There is very limited opportunity for students to receive post-secondary education and training and even less opportunity for employment.
We, along with Max & Margarette have spent a number of years researching and evaluating career options with the greatest potential for not only success in the program but also employment opportunity upon completion.
We could not have begun this program without your support.  Lives have been greatly changed because of the support within the Good Samaritan Homes and then the opportunity you have helped to create in the transition program, THANK YOU!!!

These are the lives YOU have been part of changing:

Stephanie D - graduated nursing school, currently working as an intern with Heartline ministries maternity program.  Steph will take her licensing exam December 21.  If she receives her license, she plans to apply for a midwife training program beginning in April 2018.
Phaline - graduated nursing school, she is currently doing an internship to finish her program and she will take her licensing exam December 21. Phaline hopes to then seek full-time nursing work.
Phara - graduated a 2 year program as a lab technician in 2014, however the program was not found to be a  registered program.  We are now able to get this information upfront.  Phara is currently building her own business making and selling different types of soaps.

Ralph - following a 3 year study, Ralph graduated with a  Diesel mechanic certification and is currently working in that field.
Martine - 
received a certification in hospitality and tourism and is currently working full-time as a waitress at a high end restaurant & hotel.
Roodley - received certification at the top of his class after a 2 year study in electrotechnology!  Roodley is currently employed.
Wilmine - received certification (in October 2017) following a 2 year program in office administration!  She is currently seeking employment.
Daphney - began a pre-med program in 2013, however, was not able to complete it.  She is now studying office management with the support of Max and Margarette.

Jamesly - Began a 2 year study in October 2017 in electrotechnology.
Wilguens- Began a 2 year study in October 2017 in mechanics.
Manoucheka - Began a 2 1/2 year study in October 2017 in High Fashion and sewing.
Resinette - Began a 2 year study in October 2017 in hospitality and tourism.

We are so very excited at the opportunity given to these students and we are so proud of them for the hard work they have put into their programs!  We realize that not every story will be exactly as we initially anticipate, but we hope that God uses both your generosity and the kids' commitment to bring about change, one life at a time!  We dream of seeing these students turn around and give back to the program for future students!

Thank you for journeying with us and we hope you will invite others into this journey!

Martine serving our team upon our visit to her place of employment!

Stephanie on nursing duty with this precious one and his strong momma!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Its going to be a fun family day!

ROOSTER RUN then Mini-Carnival

Register Here or register on race day!

Kids games and prizes!