Monday, April 29, 2019

A call to prayer!

Martine waiting on Marv, July 2017

We have been so blessed with the support of you all! You have made this ministry possible!
Of course we need your financial support, but we also love having your prayer support!
Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, we ask you to join us in prayer. 
Haiti has had much turmoil over the last 10 months, more than normal.  We have had to cancel our trips and many others even those working in Haiti long term have come back to the U.S.  This has caused just one more difficulty for Haitian businesses.
The opportunity created through our transition program for the Good Samaritan students has been incredible but now employment becomes even more difficult.
We ask you to Pray for employment opportunities to open up for our students over the next few months, but for three days, we ask you to pray for one specific need; Martine's job.

Martine has been so blessed to have been working full time for the last few years as a waitress at a very respectable hotel and restaurant where many internationals stay and visit for an evening out.  Martine has been a terrific employee, earning great money, especially in Haiti.  She has stepped up to train new employees and has been highly regarded by both patrons and her management.  Martine has also used the opportunity she has been given and is giving back to the Good Samaritan homes in several ways, one of which is by becoming a monthly child sponsor.  But now her job is in jeopardy.

She will find out Wednesday if she is one of the staff to be let go.  We ask you to pray she will keep her job.  Pray that she will see God in this and through this. Pray that she will feel our love and support!

Thank you for praying with us!!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Thank you for stepping up!!

We set a goal of $3,500 for relief to assist the Good Samaritan homes and the transition students for three months and you all stepped up raising $4,350! Thank you!!!
We have already sent extra funds with our regular monthly donation to Good Samaritan for the last two months and this will allow us to do so for two more months!
 This has been a great blessing to Max and Margarette and to the transition students while cost of living has become much higher and more difficult.

Thank you!!